In Celebration of National Stress Awareness Day

There are two times when human beings are universally at their worst: 1) When they are traveling and 2) when they are sick.  We’d like to give a shout out if you work at an airport health clinic, as it seems you work with patients that are really at their worst! A recent survey found that 69% of health care workers, the highest of any other industry, reported experiencing stress in their current job and 17% reporting “high levels” of stress, a finding that surprised… absolutely no one.

Whether it’s a medical office, hospital, in-patient facility, or in-home health care, life in scrubs is stressful!  The schedule is demanding, the workload is demanding and the patients are demanding.  (Sure I’ll change the TV channel for you.  Why else would we have a nurse call button?)

Burn out is a real threat, and it can affect not only the health care professional’s wellbeing, but also patient care and safety. Therefore, stress management is an essential component of life in scrubs.

Many folks chose to work in health care because they have a passion for taking care of others.  It’s what drives them to get up every day.  It makes the incessant call button pushing and the craziness worth it.  And it’s really easy to forget about you in the shuffle.  Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do.  You can’t take care of others if you aren’t in a good place.  That’s easy to say, but what does taking care of you really look like?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle balance

Grabbing something from the vending machine or cafeteria may seem like it’ll relieve the stress of a busy shift.  But taking the time to eat a healthy meal can make a huge difference, especially over the long haul.   The same goes for exercising.  The gym or your running shoes may be the last thing you want to think about after working on your feet all day, but experts agree that regular exercise is one of the best ways to beat stress.

Maintain a healthy work/life balance

As hard as it is for passionate, caring folks to implement, the best thing you can do for yourself may involve the word “no”.  Really think before you agree to take on that extra… whatever.  Be it work related or personal.  Sometimes exactly what we need is an outside connection, but do you really have the time and energy to bake those cupcakes for the charity bake sale?  Will that extra shift make you too tired to perform at your best?  A pedicure may in fact be the best thing you can do for yourself and your patients.  You can’t take care of anyone if you are pushed to your limit.

Maintain a healthy emotional balance

Compassion and empathy are two hallmark traits of those in the healthcare profession.  But it’s important to remember that emotional boundaries are vital to your well-being.  This can be especially challenging for those working with patients with terminal illnesses and can lead to a specific type of stress called Compassion Fatigue.  It’s hard to create and defend an emotional boundary, and may even feel callous at times, but you cannot assist an emotionally overwhelmed patient or caregiver if you yourself are emotionally overwhelmed.  The best thing you can do for your patients is to stay in a healthy place so that you can help them more effectively.

Are these stress management techniques hard in the real world?  Do they take planning and commitment?  Absolutely!   Are you going to be perfect at them every day?  Definitely not!  But life is a work in progress.  Every healthy choice you make today is one to celebrate.  Happy National Stress Awareness Day from Tafford Uniforms.

Trend Spot: Stretch


Comfort is key when it comes to scrubs.  As a nurse you need to move, lift and bend so stretch fabrics make a lot of sense. Tafford understands your needs and has developed a collection of stretch print and stretch solid scrubs that you’re sure to love. Let’s be honest sometimes the word lycra scares you.  You think tighter or more form fitted…not the case with these scrubs.  The Tafford stretch scrub fit remains generous with plenty of room to keep you comfortable while you are in action.  We currently have a variety of stretch print scrub options including floral, paisley and geometric designs and we’re always adding new prints to help spice up your wardrobe.  The Tafford Essentials Stretch Collection is taking off and customers are loving the details including the extra pockets and novelty styling.  Tafford will be expanding the color and style selections over the next few weeks so here is a little peak at all of the great new scrubs to come.  Check out the scrub top with hidden back pocket and extra cell phone pocket with Velcro closure.  How cool is that?

image011 image009 image002


Cherokee Workwear is proudly celebrating 10 years of delivering reliable, durable, comfortable scrubs to countless healthcare heroes around the world. From day one, the goal has been to design professional uniforms that are as original and versatile as the people who wear them.

To demonstrate that unique versatility, 10 nurses form Children’s Hospital Los Angeles volunteered to model Cherokee Workwear for the spring 2014 catalog. At the same time, they shared their insights, inspiration and stories—unique to them, but universal to nurses and medical professionals everywhere—filled with humor, wisdom, advice and heartfelt emotion.

Alicia Britt, a cardiothoracic ICU nurse, describes the significant role of teamwork, attention to detail and collaboration on the job, especially in the ICU. She knew early on that she wanted to work with children and work with the heart, and we knew right away that we couldn’t be more thrilled to call Alicia our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

Tafford Supports Autism Awareness

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  Many of you are acutely aware of this subject. For those that are not, a new study has just been released showing that it now affects 1 in 68 children.  According to the National Autism Association, Autism Spectrum Disorder “is a bio-neurological development disability that generally appears before the age of 3”. According to Autism Speaks, ASD is characterized by “difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors”. Because of this, ASD affects almost every aspect of their lives, and the lives of their families.

Unlike something like pregnancy (where you can’t be just a little bit pregnant), patients with autism fall on a spectrum, with some on the mild end and some on the severe end.  Even with that said though, everyone is different, and autism doesn’t change that. This combined with the inherent sociability of health care can make it challenging to know exactly how to best work with a patient on the spectrum.  The first step is to know the basics of the disorder.

The National Autism Society ( has a great list of facts.

Autism Speaks ( has a wonderful article that outlines the basics of the disorder, its suspected causes, and what it means to be “on the spectrum”.

More specifically though, has some excellent information for health professionals.

As we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, let us celebrate the lives of the amazing people living with this disorder and the unique abilities they bring to the world! Let us celebrate the families that tirelessly support them, and the talented health care individuals who work so hard every day to make their lives better!  Cheers to everything you do!

Tafford Trend Spot


Once again Tafford is here to help you navigate through the trends of the season. As we put winter behind us we can’t help but feel like something new will give us the little boost we all need. Here we outline 3 great trends that you can get right now on

Camo Craze:  Feel fashionable and empowered in these trendy camo scrubs. Whether it’s RealTree camo, Military camo, or a fashion camo you’re looking for we’ve got you covered. With plenty of styles, designs and colors to choose from Tafford has camouflage for everyone.

Med Couture Camo Pink Disguise Melanie Scrub Top Tafford Blue Camo Cross Over Scrub TopTafford Green Camo Tie Back Scrub CapSanita Pro Scout Polished Leather, Pink Camo

Pretty Pastels: Nothing says spring better than pretty floral, paisley and butterfly print scrub tops.  White Cross, Peaches and Med Couture prints are here and ready for the picking.

Tafford Fresh Effects 2 Pocket Scrub TopWhite Cross Pretty Petal Dots Scoop Neck Scrub TopWhite Cross Butterfly Dance Mock Wrap Inset Scrub TopKoi by Sanita Pro Lindsey Pearl Croc, Lilac

Black and White: The perfect combination of color that fits every mood. Mix and match any of your favorite scrub pant colors to create your own style.

White Cross Zee Bloom Slim Fit 2-Pocket Scrub Top Peaches Floral Abstract Suzie Scrub Top Tafford Outburst 2 Pocket Border Print Scrub Top   Share on printPrint Share on emailEmail $124.99 Sanita Pro Dory Embossed Leather, Black

Put a little “spring” in your Step

The first day of spring is finally here!  After the winter we’ve just had, I’m sure you are ready to get out and start enjoying some nice weather. What better way to start than with a nice long walk.  Walking has many benefits including, more energy, making you look and feel younger, it reduces stress and best of all it slims you down. Many healthcare professionals recommend that you try to take 10,000 steps a day, that’s equivalent to almost 5 miles. For some of us, this may be a reasonable goal, but for others it may be a challenge. The easiest way for you to keep track and improve your daily steps is to wear a pedometer.  Put it on in the morning and at the end of the day record your total steps.  Each day push yourself a little more until you finally reach your goal.  Here are some great ways to help increase your steps throughout the day:

·         Take a walk with your friend
·         Walk the dog
·         Use the stairs instead of the elevator
·         Park farther from the store
·         Better yet, walk to the store
·         Window shop
·         Plan a walking meeting

image003Tafford wants to help, so thru Friday, receive your very own Tafford pedometer with orders over $69. For those of you who are already enjoying your Tafford pedometer, chime in and tell us how many steps you take in a day.  We would also love your advice on how you have increased your steps.  Click here to shop all of the spectacular new spring scrub styles including the new Tafford Essentials Stretch Collection.

How do you Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

A pinch, a bowl of punch, parades, and a sea of green just to name a few traditions I found as I was looking into the different ways the world celebrates this holiday. It all started with a conversation in our office about St. Patrick’s Day traditions. We discovered that some people have traditions that others have never even heard of. I went in search of different Saint Patrick’s Day traditions and thought I would share a few.

A Pinch?

LeprechaunEver wonder why we get pinched if we don’t wear green on St. Patty’s Day? American folklore says that anyone wearing green became invisible to leprechauns. The leprechauns would sneak up on and pinch anyone who wasn’t wearing green because they weren’t invisible. People started doing the pinching as a reminder to put your green on. Growing up in my family my brothers were nice if I only got a pinch…it was usually a nice solid punch in the arm for not wearing green.

Speaking of Punch…

Would it really be a true Irish celebration without a pint or two (or 13 million) of Guinness? On an average day 5.5 million pints of Guinness are consumed; however on St. Patrick’s Day the number more than doubles to 13 million pints! Drinking some sort of stout is a common tradition in recognizing the holiday.  Bottoms up!
(Tafford would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly)


Up until the 16th century the holiday was a minor religious holiday celebrated mostly in Ireland. However in the early 1700’s parades began in America as a way for Irish immigrants to make a political statement. The Irish immigrants were not socially well regarded and therefore began holding St. Patrick’s Day parades with hopes to improve their social status as well as show their patriotism to their home country. One of our favorite parades to learn about was in Arkansas:

-In Hot Springs, Arkansas you’ll find the shortest (and best ever according to them) St. Patrick’s Day parade. The parade route is on historical Bridge Street; a street that spans a whopping 98 feet long!!! The parade will be led by…get your real tree camo on… The Mountain Man from “Duck Dynasty” this year! He will be joined by the World’s Largest Leprechaun and Irish Elvis impersonators to name a few. Of course the parade is followed by festivities such as green beer, loud music, dancing in the street and it is said that they offer cash to the person who lay’s the best smooch on the Arkansas Blarney Stone.

Shamrocks and Leprechauns

Tafford_Shamrock_print_scrubShamrocks and Leprechauns go hand in hand with this holiday and have become widely known symbols of the holiday. Children and adults alike celebrate with decorations in these shapes.


The most popular and well known tradition is the color green. Although it is said that the original color of St. Patrick’s Day was blue; it was changed to green and has been the color to symbolize the holiday for hundreds of years now. Besides it wouldn’t be as much fun to change the color of water to blue would it?

-The city of Chicago colors a portion of the Chicago River green on St. Patrick’s Day; this has been a tradition since 1962.green_river_chicago

-The fountain in front of the White House is turned green for a day.image001 copy

-Beverages, Foods, and many other things are colored green for the holiday as well. I myself color my kids pancake’s green for a festive breakfast.


Image by Kristin Ausk


Food is always part of any holiday and the traditional meal for St. Patrick’s day is corned beef and cabbage. Though the original Irish meal in Ireland was Irish bacon, cabbage, and potatoes it was changed to corned beef by the Irish American’s.

Many More!

We know we’ve missed some. Share your favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition with all of us in the comments below.

From all of us here at Tafford – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Cherokee Workwear is proudly celebrating 10 years of delivering reliable, durable, comfortable scrubs to countless healthcare heroes around the world. From day one, the goal has been to design professional uniforms that are as original and versatile as the people who wear them.

To demonstrate that unique versatility, 10 nurses form Children’s Hospital Los Angeles volunteered to model Cherokee Workwear for the spring 2014 catalog. At the same time, they shared their insights, inspiration and stories—unique to them, but universal to nurses and medical professionals everywhere—filled with humor, wisdom, advice and heartfelt emotion.

Bill Kenny, a pediatric nurse, opens up about the joys of working with children, the importance of humor on the job and key must-haves for nurses everywhere. He also shares the invaluable lessons he’s learned throughout his nursing career.

See more  Cherokee CELEBRAT10N videos:
CELEBRAT10N Februrary

Tafford Essentials Stretch, It’s What Moves You.

Shh! Tafford wants to let you in on a little secret! We are getting ready to launch a new line of scrubs and we want you to be the first to know. For all of us here at Tafford this is truly an exciting moment, so exciting that we just can’t keep it a secret any longer.

Introducing Tafford Essentials Stretch! An amazing stretch fabric that allows you the freedom to move with ease while giving you the comfort you deserve. You have trusted Tafford quality for years and in our Essentials Stretch scrubs you will find the same superior details including tag less labels, durable fabric and a generous missy fit. The Essentials Stretch collection of scrubs is an update to the classics. The scrub pants offer more pockets and interesting seam details while the scrub tops have a variety of necklines with both feminine and sporty styling. Tall and petite pant lengths will be offered in select styles. Specs remain generous and you will still retain your same Tafford size. The difference is in the fit. This stretch fabric allows us to give you a more flattering shape. The Essentials Stretch collection will be introduced with 8 colors; six core or group colors including ceil blue and royal and 2 beautiful fashion scrub colors.Tafford_Group

This new line of scrubs is coming soon! Are you as excited as we are yet? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Make sure to sign up for our e-mail alerts, so you can be the first to experience the Essentials Stretch difference.

Everything you wanted to know about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi… Okay, so maybe not everything

The 2014 Winter Olympics have officially ended. We took a minute or two and compiled some interesting Sochi Winter Olympics facts we thought were fun enough to share.

Hubertus von Hohenlohe - Amadeus Awards 2013
Oldest Competitor:

A German Prince…. and the Oldest Competitor in the Olympics!! Hubertus von Hohenlohe the lone representative of Mexico in the Sochi Winter Olympics qualified to compete in Alpine skiing and he is 55 years old. Are you confused yet? Yes, you have to be a citizen of the country you represent, but not a natural born citizen. Did he medal? It wasn’t likely and no he didn’t; he crashed in the middle of his only run and came home with a DNF.



Youngest Competitor:

Japanese snowboarder 歩 夢 (Ayumu Hirano) took the silver medal in the Men’s Snowboard halfpipe. His name translated is “Walk the Dream” he is currently 15 years old and has been officially sponsored and competing at a high level since he was 11 years old.



An Olympic First:

The Caribbean island of Dominica was represented at the Winter Olympics for the first time. Gary di Silvestri, American born and his wife, Angelica Morrone di Silvestri, Italian born have a cool link to the medical world: they were known for their work establishing children’s hospitals in low income areas in the Caribbean and as a thank you they were offered Dominica citizenship.  They had a frantic couple of months working to qualify against much younger athletes – but they did it!

Olympic Lasts:

Can you believe I couldn’t find one article on an athlete that decided this was their last. That’s a great thing I guess, keep dreaming big!

Most unlikely Competitors:

There were a good number of countries that weren’t likely to be represented at the Sochi Winter Olympics because of their countries warm climate, but guess who showed up? Cayman Islands (speed skating); Bermuda (cross country skiing); Zimbabwe and US Virgin Islands (Alpine Skiing); along with a few others you wouldn’t quite expect to participate in the winter games. Not just who showed up, but who won medals out of those countries? …well no one; most either didn’t advance beyond a first round or ranked anywhere from 50th on up (or should I say down?). We’re still giving props for even qualifying for such an elite event.

Other Olympic Trivia:

-World Renowned Concert Violinist AND an Olympian Alpine skier: 35 years old and skiing for Thailand – Vanessa Mae Vanakorn just barely made the criteria in the final weekend of Olympic qualifying, but she made it and ranked 67th. Kudos for being an athlete and an exceptional musician.

- World Champion Athlete in two “sports”: Alexey Voevoda, 33 years old and a Sochi native is an arm wrestling World Champion and competed in the Bobsleigh for Russia.  He even had an appearance in a 2008 arm-wrestling feature film.

- Lying face up on a sled, passing goats and sliding underneath trucks Shiva Keshavan practiced the Luge on Indian mountain roads!  Keshavan competed in the Luge as an independent, thanks to a long disagreement between the Olympic committee and Indian officials. He finished ranked 37th which isn’t awful, but apparently it was one of his worst high level performances ever.

-Richest Competitor?  Snowboarder Shaun White’s net worth before the 2010 Olympic Games was estimated at $20 million. He continues to earn millions in endorsements as he is considered the face of the sport of Snowboarding. White didn’t have his best performances in Sochi this year and finished 4th.

-Speaking of money… Sochi Olympics were the most expensive games in history estimated at $51 Billion yep that’s a B folks not an M.

We hope you enjoyed Tafford’s 2014 Winter Olympics recap. We know the information probably wasn’t useful, but we hope some of it made you smile or at least raise your eyebrows.