5 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

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Convertible CoupleOur friends over at Medical Solutions have shared some insight into why nurses enjoy travel nursing… So if you are not yet familiar with the Travel Nurse industry, here’s an insider’s perspective on the top reasons to try it.

5 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing – By Sarah Wengert, Travel Nursing Blogs

Being able to travel while you earn a living is a pretty unique and awesome opportunity for nurses. Most people would love get out there and see the country (or world!) all while getting a steady paycheck. But let’s get down to brass tacks: What are the benefits of Travel Nursing for you?

Check out these 5 Reasons to try Travel Nursing:

Exploration and Adventure

This one’s kinda obvious, right? But, it’s also the main reason why so many nurses decide to try Travel Nursing. Always wanted to explore a certain city? Try it on for size for 13 weeks! Most Travel Nurses also like to go beyond the city during their time off. So, for example, an assignment in San Francisco can also mean a trip to Napa Valley. A job NYC can mean an excursion to the Poconos. Many nurses even use Travel Nursing as a way to “try on” different cities, so they’ll know exactly where they want to land if they decide to go perm again.

Go Where Your Help is Needed Most

Travel Nursing exists due to a growing nursing shortage, and facilities request temporary nurse staff to fill their specific needs and help prevent nurse burnout among permanent staff. Most nurses really care about their patients, and with Travel Nursing, you get the opportunity to help patients where they need you most, while also saving the sanity of your fellow nurses by easing their loads.

Variety On and Off the Job

With Travel Nursing there’s never a dull moment and you always get to choose what’s next — it’s a great way to avoid nurse burnout. If you’re the kind of person who dislikes falling into a rut, Travel Nursing could be the perfect answer for you. You could be in snowy Aspen for three months, then sunny Diego for the next three; or, live the big city life for three months, then slow down in a small town for the next three. It’s up to you! Additionally, many Travelers report satisfaction at being able to avoid hospital politics while in temporary assignments.

Career and Skill Building

Travel Nursing is like gold on your future resumes. It indicates you are a highly skilled and adaptable worker. Being flexible and embracing changes from assignment to assignment develops your nursing skills in a major way. Also, while working as a Travel Nurse you will encounter a great variety of patient populations, different systems, and ways of doing things — all of which is excellent for your professional development.

Create New Relationships

While your friends and family back home are just a short Skype away, you will encounter all kinds of new folks when on a travel nursing assignment. New colleagues, new friends, and new neighbors … a whole other set of people you’d never have met otherwise. AND, that means friends to come back and visit in the future!

About the Author: Sarah Wengert is a blogger for Travel Nursing Blogs.com, a resource and entertainment site for past, present and future Travel Nurses. She’s also the Creative Content Writer at Medical Solutions, a pet-friendly, top Travel Nurse company. Sarah enjoys traveling, cooking, and singing along to the car radio like no one is watching. 

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