5 Tips for Adapting to a New Hospital

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By Sarah Wengert, Travel Nursing Blogs

Friendly Nurses

Whether you’re starting a new Travel Nurse assignment or a new perm job, adapting to a new hospital can present a challenge. You’ve got to get your new commute down, get your bearings amongst new surroundings and systems, get to know your new colleagues, and more.

But no worries — nurses and other healthcare professionals are strong, flexible people, and you’ve totally got this! Here are 7 tips from our friends at Medical Solutions for adapting to a new hospital:

Make New Friends … But Keep the Old

That old Girl Scout saying comes in handy when adapting to a new hospital. Be friendly and open to getting to know your new colleagues. Take a genuine interest in each of them personally. Your new work friends will be a huge asset to you as you continue to learn your way around, and you will likely make some really great new friends. But also, make sure to stay in touch with your good, old pals. It’s really important to have people you trust and can confide in on your side — especially when undergoing a change like adapting to a new hospital — so be sure to continue to cultivate those relationships.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is hugely important for caregivers like yourself! Adapting to any new environment can be particularly draining. So make sure that you take the time to eat right, exercise, and do all the things you need to — whether that means relaxation or adventure for you — in order to keep yourself fully charged and working up to the best of your ability. Be sure to make time for “me time.”

Be Positive

Positivity is infectious, so by being positive you will literally improve every situation you encounter. Smile, communicate clearly and with a good attitude, focus on what’s working and find positive solutions for anything that is not. The right attitude will instantly give you a great reputation and make others look forward to working with you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

Sure, you are a healthcare pro, but there’s so much to learn in your new hospital that you will definitely benefit by asking as many questions as possible. Don’t be shy, don’t feel stupid — always ask. Even if it’s just a small curiosity. It will serve you down the line and your new colleagues will appreciate your effort and interest.

Be Adaptable

A certain amount of peacefully adjusting to a new hospital can be chalked up to you yourself being adaptable to the facility and situations you encounter there. As you get your bearings, go with the flow as much as you can. Figure out how things work at this facility and mirror that. Being flexible will make your life much easier as you adapt.

About the Author: Sarah Wengert is a blogger for Travel Nursing Blogs.com, a resource and entertainment site for past, present and future Travel Nurses. She’s also the Creative Content Writer at Medical Solutions, a pet-friendly, top Travel Nurse company. Sarah enjoys traveling, cooking, and singing along to the car radio like no one is watching. 

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