7 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

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random acts of kindness

February 14th is well-known as Valentine’s Day, but did you know that the entire second week in February is devoted to showing love and kindness to others? This February 12th through the 18th is Random Acts of Kindness Week! It doesn’t require a significant other and it’s not limited to those you know. In fact, it’s encouraged to do kind acts for complete strangers.


As a medical professional, you have an exposure to a multitude of patients and coworkers who would appreciate a kind word or deed. Use your shifts to share love and compassion with the world, and hopefully the good energy will be contagious. Who knows? It might even come back to you!


Here are seven ways to celebrate random acts of kindness in seven days!

  1. Share a Meal – During your lunch break, take your meal into a patient’s room to visit or treat a coworker to lunch. Offering company to those around you helps strengthen your community and develop positive interactions at work.
  2. Give a Gift Card – Give a gift card to a coworker! If you know a favorite coffee shop or lunch spot of someone you work with, surprise them with a few dollars in their name. Or, if you want to surprise a coworker you hardly know, consider a Tafford gift card. Everyone can use new scrubs and medical accessories!
  3. Bake Cookies – A sweet treat goes a long way to making someone feel appreciated and special. Bake cookies, brownies, muffins, or some other shareable treat to offer your patients and coworkers.
  4. Give a Compliment – See someone wearing cute scrubs? Is a patient making fast progress? Does someone show an unexpected talent? Compliment those around you!
  5. Lend a Hand – If another nurse is behind on patient rounds or is having trouble learning a particular part of the job, offer help. We’ve all had tough days, and they are made much easier by not feeling alone.
  6. Make a Patient Smile – Inspiring a smile can be as simple as smiling yourself or telling a silly joke. You can also inspire smiles by what you wear, like the Tooniforms Winnie the Pooh Make Me Smile Scrub Top! What better mascot for a smile than the normally pouty Eeyore on a background full of soft colors?
  7. Write a Note – If someone has done something nice for you lately or a conversation in the workplace has inspired you, let that person know with a handwritten note! Leave it where they will find it when you’re not around to remind them how much you care.


For more random kind acts, visit the official website of Random Acts of Kindness.


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Remember during Random Acts of Kindness Week that you also need to be kind to yourself! Make a new goal to eat better, exercise more, and get the right amount of sleep. Every once in awhile, treat yourself to a new scrub outfit that makes you feel stronger and more confident!


To discover new ways to treat your coworkers and yourself, look at the rest of what Tafford has to offer!

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