A Nurse’s Guide to Handling the Holidays

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The holidays represent a highlight of the year for many who are able to visit family and participate in traditions with loved ones. But there’s also stress that goes along with all of the celebration, especially for nurses. As a nurse, you might be working during the holidays or on call. And having to tend to patients while others have time to play and relax can be a little infuriating.

There’s good news! You can fight the blues of working a holiday shift as well as the added stress of the season with these helpful tips.

Reschedule Holidays – You may not be able to get out of a holiday shift, and that’s a big bummer for some nurses. But the best way to lift your spirits is to reschedule the holiday with your friends and family so that you don’t miss out. They won’t want to leave you out, either! So plan to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas the day before/after the holiday.

  1. Ask for Help – A holiday shift can be pretty busy, so don’t be hesitant to set up points of contact if you need help. The same is true for the at-home holiday gatherings. If your shift cuts into a holiday, you may feel rushed to decorate, clean, or make food. Reach out to someone else in your close circle to help you.
  2. Organize a Party – Your patients are stuck in the hospital during the holidays as much as you are. Is there a way to share the holiday with them? Perhaps handing out holiday candy or suggesting that your clinic hire carolers will lift everyone’s spirits!
  3. Shop Early and Online – Running from store to store can be time-consuming and hectic between crazy shifts. The earlier you shop, the less stress you’ll feel as the holidays approach. Also, you can fit in online shopping between shifts or on breaks.
  4. Secret Santa – Are your funds low? Hosting a family gathering can be costly. Even without that kind of expenditure, you might still be paying off student loans. Encourage your family to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange instead of having to buy something for everyone.
  5. Decorate – The hospital can feel a little bit cold during the holiday season. Warm it up with inexpensive decorations from a dollar store or funded by your clinic. Take little pieces of the decor to each of your patients to give them a taste of the season.
  6. Festive Attire – If you can’t decorate or throw a party, you can still bring holiday cheer with you to every room by wearing unique holiday scrub prints and solids!

This guide to handling the holidays is just a start! Brainstorm other ideas for de-stressing and sharing your positive energy. And, if you want to dress in festive scrubs for the season, check out what Tafford has to offer. If you’re looking for a gift for a nursing friend, check out our Holiday Gift Center or consider the option of giving a Tafford gift card!

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