April is Stress Awareness Month!

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April_Stress_Awareness_MonthStress affects millions of Americans. And often, a huge factor of that stress can be one’s job.  Especially as a nurse or another medical professional, there are sure to be some tough days. April is National Stress Awareness month, so we’ll look at some tips, tools, and routines that can help reduce or eliminate excess stress in your workday.

Take Your Breaks

Usually breaks are mandated, but it’s important to have additional breathers built into your day. If you get so driven in your work that you lose track of the hours, set an alarm or keep track on your stethoscope with the Think Medical Snap Watch. This handy tool is not only great for checking when it’s time to take lunch, but it can aid you in taking patient vitals. So take time on your breaks to really step away from the job with a short meditation or reading a book. Allow yourself to take space from the chaos.

Be Equipped

A huge way to eliminate stress on the job is to make sure you are equipped with everything you need right when you need it. Nurses need several tools right away when a patient steps into the exam space. Keeping all the tools you need readily available can reduce anxiety in a busy moment. The Apron Organizer Belt from Prestige Medical can be a savior! Multiple spots for all your tools such as a pen, penlight, prescription pad, or otoscope.

Dress for Comfort

Spending hours a day on your feet, moving from one place to the next, sometimes running – it can be exhausting. Comfort is absolutely key to keeping your stress levels low. Comfortable scrubs that wear well on the move are a must, but beyond that the right support makes all the difference too! Compression-wear helps reduce leg fatigue when you’re on the go all day long. Therafirm provides Compression Knee Highs for men in two colors and for women in five! Keep your dogs from barking by promoting circulation and preventing swelling. Especially if your job involves helping lift patients, it’s important for your back to have the support it needs. Tommie Copper’s Multi-Function Compression Core Band for women is a must-have if your stress is causing back pain. This top not only aids in upper back relief, but it has moisture-wicking material to keep you dry throughout a busy day. Tommie Copper also offers a men’s Back Brace for low back relief. The adjustable velcro strap allows for a custom fit.

These items from Tafford and more can help you reduce stressors in your workday, so you can keep doing what you do best!

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