Brand Favorites: Cherokee Scrubs – Softer with Every Wash

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cherokee scrubs

Making patients more comfortable is part of your job, but that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise your own comfort. Long days and itchy, stiff fabrics just don’t agree. And when you’ve been in a state of discomfort all day, it’s tough to smile and focus on other people – which is why you got into the medical industry in the first place, right?

Don’t wait until you get home from work to feel great! The first step to truly being there for your patients is keeping yourself comfortable in soft, luxurious scrubs. Cherokee Workwear are the number one selling brand of scrubs in the world – yes, we said world. The poly/cotton fabric blend used in to build Cherokee scrubs actually gets softer with every wash. They were comfortable the first time you wore them, but wait until the second time and even months from now; your scrubs will be so cozy that you’ll feel like you are wearing your favorite pair of sweats.

But Cherokee scrubs aren’t just great because of the soft fabric. Read what the creator of the collection, Susan Nunez, has to say:

“Our goal was to have the best fabric—one that is extremely durable, non-fading and easy care–as well as the best construction. We are extremely proud of the collection and its impact on professional medical apparel.”

The collection of Cherokee scrubs began in 2004 with 16 colors and a range of size and styles to please each hard-working man and woman in the field. But with every new season, more color and style options have been added in a constant evolution of the brand. One of the great additions has been the Pro Flexible and Perfect Stretch fits, which allow even more movement – from running to a trauma patient, to bending down to pick up a child’s dropped stuffed animal.

“Built for lasting comfort,” you simply can’t go wrong with Cherokee scrubs. Tafford carries a wide selection from the Cherokee line, from the Workwear Originals to the graphic and bold Runway line, not to mention shoes and accessories! Tafford believes in your comfort and, of course, helping you look your best on the job. So next time you need a scrubs upgrade, check out our vast selection of great choices like Cherokee!

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