Brand Favorites: Dankso Clogs – Offering Relief to the Working Community

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You give 100% to your daily rounds, no matter who your patients are or what kind of care they need; you deserve 100% in return from the medical garb you wear, right down to your shoes. That’s why you should consider Dansko clogs.

Dansko was a company born from a couple’s wish to be more comfortable and help their friends find that same comfort. It has grown into a highly regarded brand for comfortable shoes but is still 100% employee owned and operated, ensuring that each pair of shoes is crafted for ultimate support and durability.

From the first prototype measurement to material inspection, pattern cutting, testing, and beyond, Dansko clogs are baked to a golden perfection. And every clog in any singular collection is built with the same sole, meaning that if you find a fit you like best the rest in the collection will work just as well!

“I’m a pediatric occupational therapist –which means I play ALL day long with kids. Serving all ages from NICU babies to teens, I walk the hospital floors and run around the therapy clinic after kids… so I need shoes to keep up with me. When I get home, my Dansko shoes continue supporting roles in dog walking, cooking dinner and chasing my own two rug rats. Life just keeps going here, and since my arches are bad, I’m thankful for my Dansko shoes. I am lost without my Dansko shoes. Thanks for being part of my team.” – Joanna B., Vancouver (courtesy of

But Dansko clogs aren’t just for health professionals – they have been worn by teachers, artists, mothers, chefs, golfers, waitresses, and everyone in-between! From a high-pace day to a leisurely walk at night, Dansko clogs offer durability and support when and where it’s needed. In fact, many happy customers have reported fewer body aches and pains as well as a relief from the pangs of previous injury.

And did we mention personality? From floral spirals to leopard print, the Dansko clog finishes can be a bold expression of your fun, quirky side.

Tafford believes in providing its customers with the best in comfort and value. From scrubs to shoes like the Dansko clogs, every brand offered has met and exceeded the high standards of Tafford so that you know you are investing your money in something that will last and hopefully make your life a little easier at work or at play.

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