Building a Uniform for Nurses: Print Scrubs or Solid Scrubs?

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ScrubsToday’s Nurses face more choices than ever before when getting dressed for work.  There are now many choices in scrubs ? dozens of designs of scrub tops, scrub pants, and even warm-up jackets.  Print fabrics, solid fabrics, even exotic fabrics like swiss dot, chambray and even corduroy have made their way into medical scrubs.  High style has definitely made an impact on today’s medical scrubs, making it more challenging – and more fun – than it has ever been for medical professionals to choose their uniform. This article educate you about some of the highlights that have come to the nursing uniform marketplace in recent years.
The First Decision, What Can You Wear?
The first thing you need to do is check with your employer to see if there is a uniform requirement at your doctor’s office. Some employers require that specific medical specialties wear only specific colors of solid scrubs.  For example, emergency room nurses wear royal blue scrubs while women’s health nurses wear ceil blue scrubs and cardiac floor staff wear surgical green scrubs, etc.  Alternatively, they may have requirements by your nursing level.  For example, NP’s wear royal blue scrubs, while Registered Nurses wear hunter green scrubs, and LPN’s wear black scrubs.  If your employer has a strict uniform policy, then you may not be able to wear print scrubs to the hospital at all, and your choices may be limited what style of scrub tops and scrub pants you want to fit your body type or sense of style. If a dress code is not a problem, then you need to decide if you prefer to wear print or solid scrubs.
Next, Prints or Solids?
Assuming that your employer provides at least a little wiggle room to choose your scrubs, the next thing you need to make a decision on is if you prefer to wear prints or solid scrubs.  Tafford  offers a wide variety of print and solid uniforms , you are certain to find some you like.  From basic floral scrubs and geometric print scrub tops to wild, jungle themed animal print scrubs, there are print styles for all sides of the fashion spectrum.  If you like to show off your sense of humor, then print scrub tops will be a great option for you.  If you are a bit less flamboyant, then you will want to choose a more conservative style solid nursing uniform.
Even if you choose a solid scrub top, that doesn’t mean that you have to be boring.  Solid scrub tops are available in different styles including the basic chest pocket scrub top, a mock wrap style, and they often offer other modern details such as tie backs or contrasting trim. You can also switch up your uniform color from day to day and choose different colors like pinks, yellows, and purples to brighten up your work wardrobe.  You can be sure that choosing a solid scrub top doesn’t mean that you will be boring at work!
If you choose a print scrub top, then you will have dozens of options to choose from.  Feeling like a tiger?  Choose from a host of animal skin scrub tops that are the height of style and fashion.  Working in pediatrics?  Then you might pick a cartoon scrub top with whimsical cartoon characters that will brighten your patients’ day.  Want to “rock out” at work?  You can get guitar themed scrub tops, or even tie dye scrubs to show your style.  Whatever your mood, whatever your style, there are print scrubs out there for you.  You can even choose a print scrub hat to match your scrub uniform!
The days of the white nurses dress and white cap are long gone and medical scrub manufacturers have caught up with the fashion trends.  Spend a little time researching and planning your medical uniform, and you will see that a new professional look can have a big affect on how you feel and present yourself when on the job!
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