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Cherokee Workwear is proudly celebrating 10 years of delivering reliable, durable, comfortable scrubs to countless healthcare heroes around the world. From day one, the goal has been to design professional uniforms that are as original and versatile as the people who wear them.

To demonstrate that unique versatility, 10 nurses form Children’s Hospital Los Angeles volunteered to model Cherokee Workwear for the spring 2014 catalog. At the same time, they shared their insights, inspiration and stories—unique to them, but universal to nurses and medical professionals everywhere—filled with humor, wisdom, advice and heartfelt emotion.

Alicia Britt, a cardiothoracic ICU nurse, describes the significant role of teamwork, attention to detail and collaboration on the job, especially in the ICU. She knew early on that she wanted to work with children and work with the heart, and we knew right away that we couldn’t be more thrilled to call Alicia our Cherokee Hero of the Month.

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