Celebrate Earth Day with Environmentally Friendly Scrubs!

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Hey, nurses! Do you celebrate Earth Day? Perhaps you plant a tree or reduce your electric and water use for the week. Or, maybe you’re too busy running double shifts to even notice it’s happening. That’s understandable. But why not celebrate Earth Day in a new way this year? Contribute ahead of time by supporting a scrub brand with a green initiative. Investing in “green” scrubs helps keep our world thriving, just as you help keep the people of the world thriving.

Going green doesn’t mean settling for scrubs that aren’t as comfortable or stylish. These options might even become your new favorite scrub outfits!

Barco KD110

You make a difference; now your scrub choice can make one, too! Barco KD110 scrubs are built from the latest ArcGreen technology. The material is cool, comfortable, stretchy, wicks moisture, and doesn’t wrinkle! But the best part is that each garment is made from 50% recycled polyester. This means that a single scrub top or pants keeps approximately 5 plastic bottles out of a landfill.

Start your new Earth Day outfit with the Barco KD110 Cami 6 Pocket Scrub Top in purple dream. It has a fitted back, v-neck, and a series of pockets to carry all of your nursing needs. Pair this top with the equally beautiful Barco KD110 Zip Front Jersey Sweater Jacket. The black with white polka-dot pattern is a brilliant contrast to the purple zipper. Complete the outfit with the Barco KD110 Morgan Scrub Pant in purple dream or black. The elastic waist can be worn low or higher up for more coverage.

Healing Hands (Green Label)

The Green Label collection by Healing Hands is also a top choice for celebrating Earth Day in style! Each piece is made from TENCEL fabric that is infused with raw eucalyptus wood. In other words, they utilize parts of eucalyptus to prevent waste. In addition to being eco-friendly, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and helps reduce bacterial growth.

The Healing Hands Green Label Angie Scrub Top has a unique y-neck and a snap logo front with two patch pockets and a pen pocket. We especially love the zig-zag stitching detail in the lining. Complete this Earth-conscious look with the Healing Hands Green Label Kenzie Scrub Pants in navy. In addition to the elastic waist, it also features a fashionable buckle closure. The extra pocket space and convenient D-ring will keep you prepared for the most demanding nursing days!

Happy Earth Day from Tafford!

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