Celebrating Men’s Health Month in Blue

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June is Men’s Health Month. Being in the health profession, you’ve probably heard something about the cause even if it’s not in your field of expertise. It’s a time dedicated to heightening the awareness of preventable health problems as well as detecting disease early in men and boys. The media, government, and health facilities each have a different way of contributing to this goal. There are thousands of events, speeches, and activities in the United States as well as throughout the entire world.

What You Can Do To Help
The biggest factor for Men’s Health Month is outreach. The more that correct health facts and advice is spread, the healthier the population can be. This can be as simple as encouraging your brother, father, husband, or best friend to go to the doctor for a regular check-up.

There is a particular push for prostate exams so that any sign of cancer can be caught and addressed early. Approximately 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Whether in a group or on your own, consider wearing a blue ribbon or blue outfit in support of the fight against prostate cancer.

Wearing Blue Scrubs
Wearing blue is not restricted to males during the month of June. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to show support for those fighting prostate cancer or general illness. In addition, wearing blue raises awareness and could potentially save lives. It’s a way to begin a conversation about common disease and health risks to men.

In your clinic, consider wearing blue in June. The WonderWink Origins Charlie Scrub Top is a professional top with dark y-neck trim and 5 pockets! The ceil blue color is a scrub classic and something you can continue to wear year-round. To spice up your look for Men’s Health Month, try the Tafford Blue Note 2-Pocket Scrub instead. The white and blue flourishes are a breathtaking design that looks great both when layered or worn alone. It’s soft with durable, tacked pockets and breathable side-vents for ultimate wearability.

Wear either of these tops with the Tafford Essentials Stretch Modern Adjustable Tab Scrub Pant in an accenting royal hue. The cute belted design looks like a typical trouser but has a hidden elastic panel in the back for close-fitting comfort.

Want to accessorize with blue instead? Invest in a new Littmann Classic III Special Finish Stethoscope. The caribbean blue color really pops on any scrub ensemble.

Are you a guy supporting Men’s Health Month? Check out the many men’s navy blue scrub options or the royal blue scrub options available through Tafford!

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