Comfortable Functional Shoes For Busy Feet

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When you’re on your feet all day, your shoes can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You’re lucky if they don’t leave your dogs barking! From the office or clinic, to the grocery store or the garden, Anywear makes a comfort shoe for wherever you wear.

anywear shoes

Anywear Wing Awakening Zone Shoe

Unleash your girly side while staying safe in these funky and functional clogs. Show a little spunk with one of three patterns available from Tafford. Soft and lightweight, this clog-style shoe is made for comfort and added safety. A swiveling sling back strap allows for versatile wearing. An anatomical footbed makes for great comfort and support. Although this particular shoe boasts skid resistance with a rubber outer sole, that doesn’t exactly mean you can walk on water.


Anywear Guardian Angel Clog

Another practical and comfortable unisex step-in shoe from Anywear is the Guardian Angel Clog. Designed with nurses in mind, this sleek, simple clog not only boasts skid resistance but an antimicrobial footbed to help ward off bacteria that cause odors. It’s a special treatment technology from Certainty™. The lightweight shoe’s footbed also contains memory foam for the ultimate comfort fit. Available in black, navy blue, and white for a clean, professional look. This shoe is an all-around great fit for work or school, a lab or an office.


Anywear Exact Unisex Shoe

This slide-on clog is extremely lightweight for added ease of wearing all the day long. The standard solid color Exact shoe is available in sky blue, black, or white, with a novelty version available in a black or pink heart pattern. The Exact clog is made with a double-bevel compound which gives it a super cushy feel plus great flexibility, and the rubber sole gives you the Anywear slip resistance you can count on. If you’re constantly on the go, keep your feet happy with Exact shoes!


Pair Your Anywears

Comfy shoes help you survive a day on your feet running from one thing to the next, but the right socks or hosiery are also essential. Wear your nurse pride with these bright, fun “Nurses Rock” compression socks available in pink or lime green. Maybe you’re into something a little more utilitarian, try these full support compression socks from Nurse Mates. Suppsocks are available in black, navy, sky blue, and white. Shop all compression wear available from Tafford to find what suits you and your Anywear shoes.


Tafford loves to provide you with uniform wear options that lend comfort and style to your workday.

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