Exclusive Grumpy Cat Tops by Tafford

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Some days, your outfit needs to match your sass-level and there’s really no better way to say sass than with Grumpy Cat patterned scrub tops! Maybe today is the day when you roll out of bed and the only word you can seem to find is “nope”. Or maybe you just don’t take your scrubs patterns too seriously. Whatever the reason, Tafford’s selection of Grumpy Cat patterned scrub tops are sure to give all your patients a chuckle when this cat’s adorably pouty face glares at them as you check their vitals.

Sure these scrub tops are hilarious and curmudgeonly, but of course they’re functional and comfortable, too. The tops boast two large front pockets for any items you need to keep on you. Seams are stitched bar tack style to add durability at the shoulders, pockets, and vents. The tops boast a v-neckline for added comfort and the movement you need. Not only that, but the material is made up of a polyester and spandex blend for soft flexibility.

Grumpy Cat in Paris or NYC

Take your cattitude to another level with Grumpy Cat set in some cities known for their unique demeanor.

We all know, Paris is always a good idea. So give your style a little je ne sais quoi with the Grumpy Cat in Paris pattern. This top features our furrowed feline in a classic french beret along with doodles of the most famous sights in the city of lights.

If you prefer darker scrubs with pops of color, there’s the Grumpy Cat in NYC pattern on black fabric for a chic look. Grumpy Cat fits right into New York City, sometimes donning headphones, other times a fedora. The background includes sketches of the iconic cityscape of skyscrapers in white.

Grumpy Cat Coachella

For a more laid back style and a take with added flare, there’s the Grumpy Cat Coachella top. Let out your inner grouchy hippie with this pattern riddled with peace, love, and…frowns. Popping colors and bright flowers balance out the cranky kitty’s apathetic glare.

Whatever look you’re going for, we offer six Tafford exclusive Grumpy Cat patterned scrub tops. Check them all out to find a fit for your sassy days.

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