First Year Nursing Tips and Must-Haves

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The first year of any new relationship, home, or job is full of stress, and nursing is no exception! You wonder if nursing school has properly prepared you for the “real world” and whether or not you’ll fit in at your clinic. But beyond the stress is an amazing opportunity to learn on the floor and on your feet. And above all else, it’s an opportunity to make a difference like you’ve always dreamed!

To help you get past the initial stress, we’ve compiled a few first year nursing tips:

  • Continue Learning – You’ll probably learn more in your first month of your new nursing job than you did in your last semester of nursing school. So it’s important to stay teachable. If you can, find a mentor you can turn to for the tough questions and advice you need to stay on track. Seasoned nurses are the best resource.
  • Remain Confident – To get through nursing school, you’ve already established that you have brains and confidence. It’s no picnic! Don’t forget that those qualities exist in you when you make it to your first nursing job. It’ll also help your patients be more at ease.
  • Find a Safe Place to Vent – While your home or apartment will be an oasis of sorts after a long day on duty, you also need to establish a place to vent at work. Why? Because shifts are long and sometimes getting through them means forcing yourself to take a vent break. This might mean talking with some friends or simply going to a corner and taking a few deep breaths.

Now that you have some helpful advice tucked away, you might also wonder about what tools you should invest in. Tafford is a well-priced supplier of all of your first year nursing basics like:

  • Stethoscopes – You might have one of these from nursing school, but it wouldn’t hurt to get an upgrade. Consider how you will be using it.
  • Watches – A watch is always good to have for taking a pulse, if not taking a break.
  • Comfortable Shoes – Nursing student shifts vary, and there’s a balance of book and clinical work. In your first year of nursing, your shifts will most likely be 8-10 hours on your feet. Make sure to care for your feet, as well as your legs and back.
  • Scrubs – You definitely have scrubs already, but consider the number of shifts you’ll be on and the fact that having a backup pair is always a good idea. Stock up!


For anything else you need to start your first nursing job off right, from nursing pins to blood pressure cuffs and badge reels, you can count on Tafford!

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