Friday Footnote

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Take your dawgs to work!  Working Dawg are the perfect shoes to wear in a slick and potentially dangerous work environment.  These shoes feature durable slip-resistant tracker outsoles to keep you safe while working in environments that can be hazardous. The most unique part of the soles is that they are made from Firestone Firehawk GT Tread. The Working Dawg Tracker Pro has one of the highest record scores for slip resistant safety.  The safety features aren?t the only reason you?re going to love these Dawgs.

In addition to the slip resistant soles Working Dawgs also feature several other features. You?ll feel comfortable all shift long because these shoes feature excellent arch support, low heel impact and supportive uppers. Not only are these shoes safe and comfortable they?re easy to clean.  They are odor resistant and feature antimicrobial insoles.

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