Happy Flag Day! Featuring Tafford Americana.

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Your patriotic spirit is woven into every day you put your heart and soul into serving the public’s health needs. But if you want to show that same spirit in a visual way, the upcoming months have several holidays for wearing your patriotism on your sleeve; literally! There are scrubs with flags, stars, fireworks, and a variety of celebratory symbols that capture pride for the freedom and prosperity of our country.

Flag Day History
It all starts on June 14th, aka Flag Day. Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the United States flag in 1777. June 14th is also the day that Congress birthed the American continental army in 1775, and therefore has become the official birthday of the United States Army. Whether you know someone in the army or just visit veterans in the clinic, wearing patriotic scrubs is one way to show gratitude for all that they’ve done.

A Patriotic Scrub Outfit
When putting together a vibrant and patriotic scrub outfit, we recommend Tafford Americana. The Tafford All Star 2 Pocket Scrub Top dazzles in festive red, white, and blue. It depicts the American staples of baseballs and hotdogs along with exploding fireworks and stars – all of the things you love about summer! The material is comfortable cotton with a v-neck that is flattering for all body types who want to celebrate Flag Day and beyond.

Complete the look with the WonderWink High Performance Ion Scrub Pant in royal, which will highlight the blue tones of the top. The drawstring and pocket stitch accents are a cute addition, while the moisture-wicking material will keep you cool and dry during the hot summer months!

The Little Extras
Don’t stop celebrating there! Make your Flag Day look a home run with a few accessories like stacking the cherry, blue, and ice-colored Prestige Medical CharMED Crystal Stethoscope Charms.

No matter how you celebrate, have a great Flag Day! And remember Tafford for your scrub needs on every occasion

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