High Quality Littmann Stethoscopes

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High_Quality_Littmann_StethoscopesIt’s the perfect time of year for a new stethoscope – because from May 27th through June 2nd Tafford is offering free shipping on all Littmann Stethoscopes! Littmann is a name you can trust to provide you with a quality product that ensures superior acoustics and precision. For an instrument you use every day, who knows how many times a day, you want quality that will last. So have a look at a few Littmanns available on Tafford.

Specially for Peds

In partnership with 3M, Littmann used their innovation and know how to create the specially designed Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope. Available in a soft pine green, this scope is made for small patients. It has a non-chill rim and diaphragm so you don’t give your patients a scare with an icy scope. The patented floating diaphragm on one side allows for hearing higher frequencies, while the traditional bell style on the other side gives you lower frequencies. Perfect for the pediatric or labor and delivery nurse, or any other health care worker who visits with smaller patients.

Special Finish

This stethoscope is designed specially with versatility for multiple styles of use and improved in a few ways, too. Whether working with adults or children, 3M’s tunable dual diaphragm allows you to access different frequencies by adjusting the amount of pressure and has two sides for your different patients. This scope’s tubing has been improved to resist skin oils, alcohol, and staining. The Littmann Classic III Special Finish Stethoscope is available in six colors, a mix of options both sleek and fun.

Back to Basics

Available in seven core colors to match your favorite scrubs, the simple Lightweight II SE Stethoscope by Littmann is made easy to use. Best for basic monitoring of vitals and physical assessment, this entry-level stethoscope is still made with intention. The diaphragm has a teardrop shape for easily sliding under a blood pressure cuff. This one also boasts a tunable diaphragm, meaning the application of different levels of pressure will help hit different frequencies.

Whatever style and feature you need in a stethoscope, Littmann is a trusted brand that offers many options. Shop our entire stock of Littmann Stethoscopes and enjoy free shipping, this week only, from Tafford.

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