International Year of The Nurse!

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2010 has been declared as the by the United Nations as the ?International Year of the Nurse.?  Nurses play a vital role in healthcare world wide, but sadly they often do not receive the credit they deserve.  The goal of the International Year of the Nurse is to not only bring awareness to the roles that nurses play in the global health but also to inspire nurses to bond together to help their local, national and global communities with acts of service.

This year was selected because it marks an historic event, the 100th anniversary of the passing of arguably the most famous nurse of all time, Florence Nightingale.  Nightingale had a lasting impact on the nursing field that is still felt today.  To honor her spirit this year all of the estimated 15 million nurses world wide are asked to go out and perform good — not only at their jobs but also in their communities. Groups such as the nurses from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center are holding events like the “Celebration of Caring” to start the year.

Tafford is proud to support nurses and all of the invaluable services they provide.

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