Keep Talking…We Are Listening. Some Customer Q&A’s

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Tafford loves to hear what customers have to say.  So as we were preparing a topic for this week’s blog, the idea came up that we should take the time to address some of the common questions and concerns we have heard from you on Facebook.  Overall everyone has been really supportive of the new and improved Tafford.  Our loyal Tafford customers have helped this new business grow and for that we Thank You!

Kasey from Charlotte wants to know “Why do we do so many 100% Cotton prints?”

Tafford customers love dark ground prints with bold bright colors.  In order for us to give you the best quality garment we need to do these types of prints on 100% cotton.  The dyes and process used is more expensive but it gives you a fabric that has a nice soft hand with deep rich colors.  Sure you can do dark grounds on cotton/poly, but the black will look faded before it’s even washed and the color has a greater chance of rubbing off.  Quite a bit of testing goes into developing our 100% cotton print fabric.  Shrinkage is kept to a maximum of 5% and if taken right out of the dryer the additional care needed should be little to none.  Our assortments change every few months and our offerings of Cotton/Poly prints have grown.  Some of our newest scrub prints include Inspire Me, Holly Jolly and Branch Out.

Linda from Chicago asks, “Are your bringing back my favorite boxer style scrub pant?”

Although we have brought back the vast majority of the Tafford Essentials styles and colors, there are a few scrub styles that won’t be coming back.  Sales for those items have steadily decreased over the past few years and not enough customers have shown interest in these scrubs.  I know they may have been your favorite but, the good news is that Tafford has some alternatives for you.  Our elastic waist scrub pant is almost the same pant but just with a thinner waist band.  Give it a try.  I’m sure it will become your new favorite.  Our goal at Tafford is to keep updating you with new and exciting scrubs.  Fresh new styles will be arriving in a few months as well as a new Essentials Stretch group of solid and print scrubs.

Stephanie from Philadelphia wants to know, “Will the Tafford Showroom or any of the other Tafford stores re-open?”

Unfortunately, the answer today is “no”. Currently the only place to purchase Tafford products is through our website  But don’t fret, Tafford is exploring some other options and partnerships with retail stores.  Our goal is to make sure every healthcare professional knows about Tafford, wants to wear our uniforms and can find us in the most convenient way.  Keep in mind our products haven’t changed a bit.  If you know your Tafford size, feel comfortable shopping on line.  It’s going to fit you the same way it always has and we will get it to you fast.  Worried you are missing out on the bargains or first Friday Sales?  Sign up for our e-mail blasts.  We are always running great sales and even discounts on the solid Essentials.

What is your question?

Do you have a question for Tafford? If so, please use the comment area below to ask and our dedicated customer service team will be sure to answer all your Tafford questions.




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