Littmann Stethoscope: A Must-Have Medical Tool

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Stethoscopes differ by length and color, but those are just the aesthetics. The real difference-maker in what stethoscopes you use and love comes from the sound quality, noise cancellation, and other functional features. After all, it’s a tool intended to perform an essential part of your job.

Littmann provides stethoscopes that you can depend on day after day. Precise manufacturing, profession-leading innovations, and advanced materials go into every Littmann stethoscope. The strict engineering process and quality control guarantees your satisfaction.

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Classic Stethoscopes

The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is one of the most popular choices among medical professionals. The tubing resists skin oils for a longer life and the dual diaphragm allows for both adult and pediatric assessment. The larger, more comfortable ear tubes fit snugly while not feeling bulky or uncomfortable. And the construction has enhanced acoustic sensitivity overall. What’s not to love?!

Electronic Stethoscopes

Littmann manufacturers one of the highest rated electronic stethoscopes in production, the Littmann Model 3100 Electronic Stethoscope with Ambient Noise Reduction. This stethoscope is sleek and lightweight despite its electronic readout feature. It also eliminates 85% of ambient noise and amplifies sounds by a measure of 24!

Teaching Stethoscopes

Listening and assessing through a stethoscope is a practiced art. To teach the next generation of health professionals, you need the Littmann 40-inch Master Classic II Teaching Stethoscope in Black. The ergonomic design, sound quality, and real-time teacher-patient auscultation makes this a priceless tool.

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