Littmann Stethoscopes from Our Heart to Yours

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Littmann Stethoscopes

Littmann is the leading name in stethoscopes for their unsurpassed quality and practical design. They come in a variety of styles for a number of specific uses and branches of medicine. And beyond the practical, Littmann offers personalization. Each stethoscope model may come in a selection of finishes, tubing, and chestpiece colors. The following is only a small sample representing the large pool of Littmann stethoscopes available for purchase through Tafford.

The Basic Stethoscope

Looking for a starting stethoscope for nursing school or everyday blood pressure monitoring and physical assessment? The Littmannn Lightweight II SE Stethoscope is the best entry-level option, rated at a 6 for performance.

Stethoscope by Patient

Do you care for children, adults, or perhaps even dogs? No matter who or what your patient may be, you should trust in Littmann to offer a stethoscope designed for your needs.

Cardiology has one of the most intensive needs for stethoscope usage, with all types of patients. The Littmannn Master Cardiology Stethoscope covers all of your bases. It is designed with a stainless steel chestpiece and latex-free materials in addition to a dual lumen and tunable diaphragm. It’s rated 10 for high performance and can even be adapted for neonatal or pediatric auscultation.

If you work specifically with children, you might select the Littmannn Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope or the Littmannn Classic II Infant Stethoscope instead. The pediatric version has a 1” traditional bell to pick up lower frequencies and a non-chill rim for patient comfort. The infant version has a ¾” bell for lower frequencies, a floating diaphragm for higher frequencies, and the non-chill rim. Both options are rated a 7 for performance.

An Impressive Finish

The Littmannn Classic III Special Finish Stethoscope has special upgrades to a traditional scope, enhancing acoustic sensitivity and durability. The tubing is skin oil, alcohol, and stain-resistant to outlast other instruments. In addition, the tunable diaphragm technology allows for listening to low and high frequencies associated with both adults and children.

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