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A History of Serving

Since 1986, Tafford has been leading the catalog of companies and brands building scrubs for medical professionals. Nurses, doctors, dentists, vets, and others who dedicate themselves to serving those who need care, all deserve comfort and variety when it comes to the scrubs they wear. Tafford dedicates itself to serving the medical teams, providing quality scrubs in unique styles, prints, and colors.

What Tafford Has to Offer

As a fan of the Tafford brand, you know that comfort and functionality are key. Here are five other reasons to love Tafford:


  1. Selection – Our customer base is diverse. We recognize your need for unique styles, and that’s why we trust the best brands to deliver. Whether you want a classic look or something bold and new, our brand partners have it all!
  2. Quality – Your job is rigorous. Our materials and fabrics are chosen specifically to endure through your long days, and the scrubs are constructed for extra longevity. Every brand we carry aims to provide the best new techniques to keep seams and every other scrub component long lasting.
  3. Customer Service – Our website is easy to navigate. Give it a try! We also promise a secure checkout, personal attention to detail, and a prompt reply to your inquiries. Never be afraid to speak out and tell us what we can improve or what you love about our service.
  4. Value – If you want to experience runway style without spending a fortune, choose Tafford and our partner brands. Our products are budget friendly.
  5. Free Shipping – Orders over $69 receive FREE standard shipping, because we believe your money should go toward the scrubs you love!


If you love Tafford and plan to invest in more scrubs, consider participating in our Refer A Friend program. All you have to do is sign into your account and share Tafford with your friends on social media. If they sign up through you, they get $15 off of their next purchase of $50 or more, and so do you!

You can refer as many friends as you want. That means you can receive as many coupons for $15 off as you are able!

To find out more about this great opportunity, check out Tafford’s Refer A Friend page.

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