May the Force Be With You

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Obi-Wan Kenobi may have been Princess Leia’s only hope, but if you’re hope is Star Wars themed scrubs then Tafford has come to your rescue!!  We work very hard to bring you the latest fashions in scrub style, both through our private Tafford lines as well as the brands we resale.  Now, thanks to Tooniforms by Cherokee, we are bringing Geek Chic to the hardworking medical professionals.

Are you a rebel?  Do you always stand on the side of right, even when it isn’t easy?  When asked what princess you wanted to be as a kid, did you say Princess Leia?  Do you think the “C” in C3PO stands for “cute”?  Then this pink accented, V-neck scrub top is for you!  Outfitted with stretchy side panels in contrasting knit, and two roomy inseam pockets you’ll be ready to take on whatever the Empire (err.., we mean patients) can throw at you!

Star Wars Scrubs

Are you known for needing your coffee before anyone is allowed to talk to you?  Do you secretly prefer the dark side?  We hear they have cookies!  Then this elegant black V-neck scrub top is for you!  With the same stretchy side panels, these tops will move with you so well you’ll be able to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Star Wars Scrubs

So regardless of whether you work on the peds floor with a bunch of young padawans or just like to let your geek flag fly, make sure and tell all your friends, “That’s no moon!!  THAT’S NEW STAR WARS SCRUBS FROM TOONIFORMS BY CHEROKEE!”  It’s ok.  They’ll roll their eyes, but they’re probably used to it by now.


P.S. Han shot first!

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