Must-Have Nursing Accessories

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nurse accessories on a table

While all nurses who have been working for some time end up developing their own professional style and ways of doing things, there are certain must-have nursing accessories that are beneficial to nurses across the board. Below we’re sharing 5 essential items that are totally worth your money – and why you should have them.

Comfortable Shoes

We know. This is probably completely obvious to you. But it’s on the list for a good reason. Notice we didn’t just say shoes, but comfortable shoes. This is huge!

There’s certainly no lack of shoes on the market. Shoes are a dime a dozen and the sheer abundance of styles can be overwhelming. However, not all shoes are created equal. You need to invest in a pair (or two!) that fit comfortably and provide good support (you’re on your feet for several hours at a time, after all). They also need to be durable so that their function and quality are maintained throughout the rigors of your daily duties.

Remember, comfort is key. Otherwise, your feet, knees and back will end up suffering. Whether you prefer clogs or a tennis-style shoe, you want to purchase a reputable brand that will enable you to be on your feet comfortably for those long shifts.


nurses in their scrubs

Just like with shoes, scrubs may be an obvious essential, but the quality makes all the difference. You want scrubs that provide comfort and great functionality. No matter what your style is – no frills, solid colors, or bold, funky prints – be sure the scrubs you wear are flexible and durable.

You want scrubs that allow you to do your job and don’t get in the way of performing your tasks comfortably and efficiently. Quality scrubs will hold up through a ton of wear and tear and stains should easily come out after being washed.

Pockets are also a feature to consider. We think pockets are extremely helpful and can increase your efficiency. They can also keep your sanity – how much better is it to just be able to reach into a pocket to grab a pen or pair of scissors on the spot, rather than having to waste precious time hunting these items down?

Durable Medical Scissors

Medical scissors, not just any old pair of scissors, are a lifesaver that you’ll want to keep on you at all times (didn’t we mention that scrubs with pockets are especially useful?) Durable medical scissors (a.k.a. bandage scissors or utility scissors) will come in handy for cutting through thick bandages and allow you to perform many tasks quickly and efficiently.

Quality Stethoscope


As you know, a stethoscope is a key tool that you use day in and day out. This is why it’s critical to do your research and invest in one that will work properly – and continue doing so for many years.

Although quality stethoscopes can be expensive, the last thing you want is to settle for a poor quality one and have to keep shelling out money for a new stethoscope on a regular basis. When you make the investment in a good one upfront, you’ll be rewarded when it’s still performing beautifully many years later!

Nursing Bag or Tote

As a nurse, no matter what area of practice you work in, you carry a lot of things with you. Yes, pockets on scrubs are wonderful for certain items, like pens, a notepad and scissors. But what about those other items you need to have with you? Carrying a BP cuff in a pocket will weigh you down and just be uncomfortable.

This is where a nursing bag or tote comes in handy! Find a style you like, but make sure it’s a convenient size that’s easy to carry around. And be sure it has enough compartments so that you can easily organize your items and prevent having to fumble around to find what you need.

While there are tons of other nursing accessories that are useful and necessary, these 5 are must-haves for every nurse – and the products that are worth splurging for, if needed, to ensure you’re getting the highest quality, best performing and most durable ones.

Trust us – having these essentials will make you more comfortable on the job and will assist you in performing your tasks with greater ease.

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