National Public Health Week

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It’s National Public Health Week (NPHW) and as a medical professional, this week celebrates what you do! The American Public Health Association is using this week to raise awareness, increase prevention, advocate for healthy and fair policies, and champion quality health systems.

Get Moving

One movement they’ve started is the 1 Billion Steps Challenge. The goal to reach a collective one billion steps began on January 9, and will end with NPHW. Walking is a great form of exercise and can do a lot for a person’s health, which is why APHA started The Challenge. Using step counters or mobile devices, teams can track steps to contribute toward the lofty, healthy goal. As a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional, you may hit that many steps in a year all by yourself, but a challenge like this could help your patients be more aware of the value of walking to their health.

To help support your quest for health by tracking your steps, we suggest the Dansko Work Wonders Carnation Clog. You’ll want happy feet for this challenge, and beyond! If you’re going to be working towards 1 billion steps, you’ll need some comfortable medical scrubs that are flexible as you step. We love the Healing Hands Premiere Butterflies Scrub Top and the Healing Hands HH360 Nikki Scrub Pant. Not only can you get them in fresh, spring colors, they’ll also keep you feeling comfortable for your entire shift. To make sure you’re keeping track of your busy day while working and getting your steps in, try the Think Medical Silicone Band Watch. It’s a flexible fit around your wrist, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there until you need it.

The Healthiest Generation

The APHA has also started Generation Public Health, a movement geared toward making the healthiest nation in one generation. Individuals, organizations, and communities collaborate to improve public health and reduce the disparities between the health of different income and education levels, races, and locations. According to APHA, those factors can change an individual’s lifespan by up to 15 years! Info like that is what APHA is hoping to spread in order to raise awareness. The belief is that we need to make healthy choices as a society to affect change.

Support Health Systems

Strong public health systems are integral to our overall health as a society. You can join with the APHA initiatives that support public health such as signing a petition protecting gains made under the Affordable Care Act, or receive alerts from APHA regarding actions you can take.


Across the nation as part of NPHW, communities and organizations are having health-focused events such as blood drives, 5K runs, screenings, and health fairs. Maybe your office or clinic could offer screenings, or host a health fair! 

Your day-to-day is spent focusing on the health of others, so make sure to take some time this week to evaluate the health of your own choices and lifestyle! Thanks for helping make us a healthier nation. Reward yourself for being a part of the health community all year round by shopping Tafford medical workwear.

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