New at Cherokee AntiMicrobial Scrubs

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antimicrobial scrubsLooking for medical uniforms that are long lasting, comfortable to wear, and still have fashion appeal? Look no further! Cherokee AntiMicrobial Scrubs are the result of technology, fashion, durability, and workability incorporated into one line of medical scrubs and lab coats. The line uses Certainty and Certainty PLUS technology to give it the edge on functionality in medical uniforms.

Certainty is a specialized antimicrobial barrier technology that provides protection and prevention against the unwanted bacteria that medical professionals are exposed to on a regular basis. The technology helps stop the growth of bacteria, yeast, and algae and works to decrease odors and stains that are caused by them.

Certainty PLUS has all the antimicrobial barrier benefits of Certainty, with added fluid barrier technology. NANOTEX Resists Spills is ahead of the curve when it comes to preventing liquid from soaking through medical scrubs. With Certainty PLUS technology, your scrub uniforms will resist spills for ultimate protection against liquids in the medical industry. Plus, the material is breathable and durable so that you won’t be sacrificing comfort for functionality.

From the athletic-inspired Infinity line to the modern Code Happy line, Cherokee AntiMicrobial medical scrubs have impeccable detail in each piece. Scrubs and lab coats can start to appear very similar to each other after a while, but not with the Cherokee AntiMicrobial line. It’s amazing what a little pocket detailing, zipper feature, or neckline can do for nursing uniforms!

When medical professionals are dealing with pathogens and bacteria on a regular basis, they should have scrub uniforms that will resist any potential negative effects. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the Cherokee AntiMicrobial line. Keep an eye out for the Cherokee line that will provide comfort, style, and functional technology in medical scrubs.

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