New Maternity Styles from Fundamentals F3

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Maternity Scrubs

Nursing has been your passion for years, but you have a new love on the way! Though your scrubs are comfortable, you know that they are bound to get a bit snug as your baby bump grows. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up style or comfort. Take a look at these Fundamentals F3 scrubs with brand new maternity styles that will showcase your beautiful baby shape!

Maternity Scrub Styles from Fundamentals

The Fundamentals F3 Maternity Scrub Top reinvents a classic look for the expectant mom. This mock-wrap top has side stretch panels and two patch pockets plus a hidden cell phone pocket for ultimate functionality, just like your favorite classic scrub top. In addition, it comes in five flattering colors and the drawstring waist adjusts as your baby grows in your belly!

Don’t forget the Fundamentals F3 Maternity Scrub Pant to match! Get it in any of the same five flattering colors. More importantly, a built-in front and back stretch panel gives you the ultimate in baby bump comfort for moving, bending, and stretching when you need the added mobility. In addition, the side vents keep you cool and the flare leg offsets your hips for a flattering shape. Did we mention the welt cargo pocket and hidden cell phone pocket? With the perfect amount of storage, you can keep the essentials on hand.


Maternity Scrub Accessories

You know that there will be rough days ahead when your feet and back ache even more than normal on the job. Tafford carries the accessories you need to stay strong and relieve those pregnancy aches and pains so that you can continue doing the job you love until your baby arrives!

For instance, you’ll get a lot of support from compression socks like the Cherokee Hosiery Medically Correct Compression Knee Highs. Compression socks increase circulation and reduce fatigue. This particular set is extremely soft with a reinforced toe and massaging foot panel.

You may also benefit from the Prestige Medical Med Sleeve by being able to put on extra warmth or become cooler much more easily than layering your scrubs. With over ten color options, you’ll be able to easily find a set that’ll match your favorite scrub outfit.

Don’t forget to check out other maternity scrubs and accessories available through Tafford!

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