Nurse Mates Shoes and Accessories

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Nurse Mates

Walking, sitting, standing, or going for a lunch break jog – the health care fields are all about acting and reacting on your feet. Because shift hours and schedules can change at a moment’s notice, keeping your feet cool and comfortable is key. What better way to maintain healthy, happy feet than with Nurse Mates Shoes?

Nurse Mates Shoes are the epitome of convenience. Some prefer laces while others want to be able to slip their shoes on quickly without the fuss. There are several types of slip-ons from clogs to velcro or buckled flats. And they come in classic white or black as well as more vibrant patterns such as the Rainbow Snake Print Slip-On or the Bryer Black Kaleidoscope Shoe.

The wide variety of shoes offers a selection of sole types as well, from a wide heel to completely flat, all with a quality tread that grips all types of floors typically found in medical facilities. Even when your clinic has a spill, you’ll be able to safely traverse the floor and reach your destination.

Looking for a few accessories to your wardrobe? Nurse Mates is a tried and true name for the best support hosiery, medical socks, watches, bags, lanyards, and other gear. Sheer hosiery is a classic touch that guarantees optimal support throughout the long days of patient care, and for a little spice in your ensemble you can opt for the heart or white pin dot designs instead.

Show your unique character with other must-haves like a colorful beaded lanyard or the ultimate nursing bag! These little touches help remind you of your strength, courage, and hope on the job – the same strength, courage, and hope you give patients daily.

Celebrate your career in making a difference for others by observing your essential needs as a nurse or medical professional. Nurse Mates shoes and accessories are the durable answer to your every comfort and convenience on the job, and Tafford is happy to supply them to you.

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