Nurses on the Run

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Besides a good sense of humor, life in scrubs requires strong feet.  Whether you are a #runnerd or the zombie apocalypse is the only thing that would motivate you to run any distance, the scrubs life demands a lot from your feet. Often neglected until a problem crops up we’ve put together 5 tips to keep your feet happy so you can keep your patients happy.

1. Good Shoes:  You already know the importance of investing in good shoes, but did you know that you should replace your shoes every 3-6 months?  Even though they may look good on the outside, heavy use (like being on your feet all day) breaks down the support on the inside of the shoe.  Meaning they’ll be less your BFF and more like that popular girl in high school who was always nice to your face, but talked trash about you behind your back.

2. Proper Toenail Cutting:  It may seem like an insignificant task, but anyone who has cut their nail into the quick will tell you, it’s a bigger deal than it seems.  On the other hand, nails that are too long can cause pain as well.  Trim your toe nails often and keep them at a length that reaches the tip of your toe.  Make sure you trim straight across and don’t round the corners or trim the sides.  This can encourage the nail to grow into the side of the toe, causing an ingrown nail and a trip to the podiatrist.  Always use an appropriate cutting tool too; no scissors, knives or teeth and if you find them hard to cut, try trimming them after a bath or shower.  The water will soften the nail making it easier to trim.

3. Wash and Dry:  Don’t neglect your feet the next time you shower.  Just because they are standing in water or soaking in the tub doesn’t mean they are getting clean.  Just like any other body part, feet need to be cleaned.  Pay special attention to the space between your toes, as it’s easy for dirt and bacteria to congregate there.  Additionally, don’t leave the job of drying your feet up to the bathmat or carpet.  Moisture is bacteria’s best friend, so make sure you dry your feet off when you get out of the shower, and don’t forget in between those piggies.

4. Keep Your Feet Dry:  Keeping your feet dry doesn’t stop at the bathmat.  It’s important that your feet stay as dry as possible as much as possible.  That means wearing socks, yes even with your cute Converse.  Look for socks made from synthetic material that wick away moisture as quickly as possible.  This will prevent bacteria from thriving…plus who loves sweaty feet! Ick!

5. Protect Your Feet:  It’s easy to neglect your feet.  They are just down there doing their thing, getting stepped on like no one cares about them.  Whether it’s wearing flip flops in the shower at the gym or water shoes in the ocean, you depend on your feet to carry your through a long shift, and the least you can do is protect them.  Plus nothing ruins a beach trip and makes for a long post vacation work week like a good sea shell cut.

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