News Round-Up – 9/23

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News Round-up is a collection of the most newsworthy and interesting¬† links we’ve come across from various news sites and blogs that covers news related to nursing and other medical professions, healthcare, health & fitness and the industry relating to scrubs — and beyond!

Nursing News:

Two Thirds Of Nurse Uniforms Test Positive For Harmful Bacteria

Snippet: “Nearly two thirds of samples taken from the uniforms of registered nurses tested positive for potentially harmful infections including MRSA.”

Croc Ban For Welsh Hospital Staff

Snippet: “Officials say the rubber footwear does not offer sufficient protection against sharp objects, such as needles.”

Health Care Workers Launch Strikes At California Hospitals

Snippet: “..the primary issue leading to the strike has been Kaiser’s proposal to cut union members’ health care coverage and retirement benefits at a time when Kaiser is reporting record earnings.”

Health & Medicine Related:
Snippet: “As part of its continuing efforts to protect the Earth’s atmosphere, asthma patients who rely on over-the-counter inhalers will be required to switch to prescription-only alternatives.”
Snippet:“In a finding that is stirring heated debate, BPA (bisphenol A) has been detected in several brands of child-friendly canned foods. The controversial chemical has been linked to breast cancer and other serious ailments.”
On Nursing & Medical Blogs
Snippet: “I?ve seen seasoned nurses nod off at the desk at 3AM because they?ve been working their butts off, and I?ve worked with doctors who don?t answer pages promptly during evening hours and on weekends even though they are on call…”

Working In An ER On 9/11 (Via Madness: Tale of An Emergency Room Nurse)

Snippet: “This video tells the story of the medical response to 9/11 in New York City. There was a smaller hospital about 4 blocks from the towers that was innudated with injured patients. It gives a real feel for what a disaster of this kind of magnitude would be like…”

Top Medically Themed Cakes (Via Impacted Nurse)

Working As A Nurse Informacist: Am I Still A Nurse?

Snippet: “I?d argue that I do take care of patients. In fact, I?d argue that the entire health care system and community I work for are my patients. The patients, the nurses, the doctors, the administrators, the vendors, and everyone else that makes the system work. I take care of all of them by doing my best make their jobs and efficient as possible all while ensuring documentation is performed accurately and within the legal guidelines and regulations.”

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