News Round-Up

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News Round-up is a collection of the most newsworthy and interesting  links we’ve come across from various news sites and blogs that covers news related to nursing and other medical professions, healthcare, health & fitness and the industry relating to scrubs — and beyond!

Nursing   News:

Rhode Island to use student loans to encourage nursing schools

Snippet: “Rhode Island will offer nursing students zero interest student loans if they agree to work in the state after graduation.”

Nursing Crisis Looms in Ireland As 2500 To Quit Within Year

Snippet:  “Ireland is facing into a nursing crisis — with 1,000 nurses retiring and 1,500 newly qualified nurses emigrating in this year alone.”

Nursing School Pains: Jamaican institution named in elaborate criminal conspiracy

Snippet:  “Hundreds of students are said to have collectively paid more than US$6 million to enroll in programmes offering qualification for careers in nursing. However, the certifications and transcripts, some of which reportedly came from a private school here in Jamaica, are now said to be fraudulent.”

Healthcare & Health Related News:

What The U.S. Debt Ceiling Vote Has To Do With Healthcare

Snippet:  “In an address to the nation last night, President Obama said that if the debt ceiling isn?t raised, he can?t guarantee that Social Security and other government checks will go out. That includes payments to Medicaid, which serves more than 60 million Americans, and Medicare.”

3 McDonald’s Happy Meals Get Apples, Fewer Fries

Snippet:  “McDonald’s Corp said on Tuesday it will soon tweak its Happy Meals, reducing the french fry portion by more than half and automatically adding apples to the popular children’s meals, after coming under pressure from consumer groups to provide healthier fare.”

Get Ready For Cheaper Prices For Popular Drugs

Snippet: “The patents for 7 of the 20 best-selling drugs are set to expire over the next couple of years, and once that happens, manufacturers will be free to make and sell cheaper generic versions of the meds”

Nursing & Medical Blogs

From Starbucks To Nurse To Doctor (Via The Nerdy Nurse)

Snippet:  “But it was food for thought to me about what constitutes happiness and success. While most would feel that he worked hard and climbed the educational ladder to a successful career as a physician, he would be just as content to make coffee all day if it weren?t for the potential shame it would have brought his Asian ancestry.”

Opening My Heart Book Review & Interview With Tilda Shalof (Via Code Blog)

Snippet: “Tilda writes about her surgery and subsequent recovery, which I found fascinating.  I love hearing about patient experiences, and having a nurse tell it from her point of view was pure brain candy to me.”

Old School Nurse (Via Nurse Ratched)

Snippet: “Taking a cue from the past, I?ve started wearing a white uniform when I?m supposed to work as the unit charge nurse. I?ve noticed how people respond to a white uniform. People know that I?m a nurse when they see my white uniform and they assume that I?m in charge when I sit behind the nurses station.”

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