Orange Standard Scrub Sets: A Wardrobe with Ease!

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Orange Standard Scrub sets

Going into the medical industry, you knew it would be a challenge full of long, exhausting days on your feet and early mornings in desperate need of coffee. But you may never have guessed the extent to which you would choose sleep over things like planning an outfit and accessorizing. You may have even fallen back a few times on pulling the first outfit you see from the closet. If your top didn’t match the pants or your shoes, it didn’t matter because you had a double shift. The bright purple and green may have worked for you in your first year of med school, but you want to present yourself with the utmost professionalism. To save that extra half hour of sleep and look great, trust Orange Standard Scrubs.

Orange Standard offers colorful scrub sets that come with four unique pieces – three tops and a pair of scrub pants – all of which coordinate perfectly without any morning fuss! For example, the fierce Orange Standard Fuchsia Scrub Kit comes with a fuchsia Del Mar top, a black Hermosa top, a black Miami tee, and the fuchsia Laguna scrub pant. The sharp Orange Standard Black Scrub Kit similarly comes with a black Del Mar top, a hot magenta Hermosa top, a fuchsia Miami tee, and a black Laguna scrub pant. Notice that each of these kits comes with the same styles in different yet complementary colors. That way, you can buy both kits and build double the number of unique looks!

Decision after difficult decision – your day is plum full of them, But Orange Standard Scrub Sets make it just a little bit simpler. Each Orange Standard Scrub Kit comes with enough pieces to build up to 12 different outfits, and each outfit is just as stunning as the last. No matter which pieces you put together, you’ve made a great decision – and that makes decision-making so much easier!

Buying scrub tops and pants separately could cost you hundreds of dollars and end up not matching. There’s no chance of a bad match with Orange Standard Scrub Sets, and each kit is only $45! When is the last time you bought any one full outfit for $45, let alone 12 outfits in one?

Are you ready to simplify and beautify your work wardrobe? Morning prep will be a thing of the past when you try the Orange Standard Scrub kits, available through Tafford. And while you’re at it, add a few wild print tops to spice up the solid colors!

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