Pamper Your Feet on National “I Love My Feet” Day!

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Nurses and other health care specialists are on their feet almost constantly. From sun up to sun down, they might be on shift in a large hospital or moving from patient to patient even in a smaller clinic. And when the day ends, other necessities begin such as grocery shopping, soccer practice, or appointments. The only time that their feet are relaxed is when they’re sleeping!

If you or someone you know runs this type of hectic lifestyle in the health, dentist, or veterinary fields, it’s time to pamper those overworked feet. And what better day for a little extra foot attention than National “I Love My Feet” Day on August 17th!

Cushioned Socks and Hosiery

Socks are an essential piece of nursing attire, providing extra comfort and support where it’s needed most. The Therafirm Support Compression Trouser Socks are a classic in both look and feel. The nylon/spandex blend is a cool material blend with moisture-wicking properties to stay dry. It comes in a stylish diamond pattern with six solid, professional colors. The top comfort band keeps the socks up all day while not cutting off blood-flow. In fact, the gentle compression offers improved circulation to relieve tired, achy legs and reduce swelling from all-day use!

Another sock option that gives you breathability and superior cushioning without the compression is the AMPS Ladies Coolmax Moisture-Wicking Ankle Socks. This stocking has a thicker footbed to relieve more pressure from the foot itself. It also has a hidden toe seam and ventilation panel on top.

Supportive Shoes

Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find a shoe that fits well and supports your feet in the way you need. Tafford offers a wide selection of footwear favorites including slip-on, slip-resistant, clogs, and sneakers.

Often, the best nursing shoes fall into several of these categories, as is the case with the impeccable Alegria Debra Closed Back Nursing Shoe. This shoe was built with a slip-resistant outsole, stain-proof leather, and a complex footbed that prevents achy feet at the end of a long day.

Of course, if the black color doesn’t suit your tastes, there’s always the Koi by Sanita Sydney Clog that combines a classic leather clog style with a unique fuschia crocodile print. The rocker footbed is guaranteed to put a spring in your step!

The Fila Memoryfresh Athletic Shoe also has a slip-resistant outsole. The breathable mesh lining maintains a cooler foot temperature. And the athletic lace-up style is on-the-go ready, whether you’re tending to patients or running in a marathon!

Tension-Relieving Insoles

Everyone has a favorite pair of shoes. Perhaps it’s only a year old or as many as five years old, but it has served you well and it’s hard to let go! But at the same time, the insole has worn thin or become damaged in some way. You can’t maintain optimal support with a worn or damaged insole. Luckily, Tafford carries a number of replacement insoles for your favorite shoe brands including Birkenstock, Alegria, and more!

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