Pedia Pals for a Positive Pediatrician Experience

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Pedia PalsGoing to the doctor as a child can be an intimidating and even frightening experience. You’re going to meet a stranger in a white coat with weird instruments, a cold office, and rooms with weird images on the walls. Even if it’s a general check-up, the environment can inspire hesitation and fear.

As a pediatrician, you try to warm up that sterile health environment and help your patients be more at ease. It helps the procedures go more smoothly with less crying or stress. After all, you’re there to help them!

That’s where Pedia Pals comes in – with tools and accessories that soften the appearance of the office and of you as a stranger. Pedia Pals equipment uses bright colors and happy animals that can be played with or simply distract from the intimidating procedures.


Reflex Hammer

One of the main tools for a basic checkup is the reflex hammer, but to be knocked under the knee with a hammer can seem scary and unusual to a child. Instead, Pedia Pals have made a standard reflex hammer into the shape of a favorite animal, for instance the Pedia Pals Jamaal Giraffe Reflex Hammer. Now, a child can receive a “kiss” on the knee, or see the face of the animal peeking out of the pocket instead of a hammer head.


Badge Reel

Even if a doctor or nurse’s tool isn’t used directly on a small patient, as is the case with a badge reel, it’s still part of the ensemble that a child sees. Pedia Pals creates badge reels with animal faces to help cheer and relax. One of our favorites is the Pedia Pals Dalmatian Dog Retractamal. On this model, the tongue extends with the badge, as if the playful pup was licking!


Nasal Syringe

Administering a wash or fluid into the nose is an invasive procedure to a little kid, and that’s why Pedia Pals has made the syringe much more whimsical. The Pedia Pals Blue “Elly” Elephant Nasal Syringe is in the shape of an elephant whose trunk acts as the syringe tube. It’s washable, able to be sterilized, and very durable. Plus, the rounded tip is an added comfort to small patients.


Stethoscope Cover

Every doctor needs a stethoscope, and Pedia Pals provides a way to continue utilizing your favorite model while still being more approachable. They’ve created soft animal bodies to encase the stethoscope and hide most of it from view, without compromising function. The Pedia Pals Lion Stethoscope Cover with Soft Head is only one of several animal options, all of which are washable, soft, and latex-free!

Choose your favorite animals with other great Pedia Pals accessories available through Tafford!

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