Preparing for the Longest Day of the Year (June 20th)

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As spring blossoms into summer, the days become increasingly longer. June 20th is the longest day of 2016 as the summer solstice. Are you scheduled to work clinic hours on that day? Even if you are not, every nurse has their share of extremely long days. Long hours. Long shifts. Long weeks. The hard work can wear on your body and mind, but the right gear can make it much more manageable.

Supportive Shoes
Long days in the clinic attending to patients is probably hardest on your feet, which in turn affects your legs and can strain your back. That’s why you should treat your feet to quality footwear. A classic black closed-toe clog like the Dansko Professional Ebony Oiled Full-Grain Shoe is a good place to start. Dansko is famous for all-day comfort and support that transfers up your entire body. It has a reinforced toe box, a rocker bottom, and a padded instep. The anti-skid tread will also keep your body more relaxed, trusting that you’ll have solid traction on wet or dry floor.

Compression Socks
Solid shoes like the ones above are even more effective for handling long days when paired with the right socks. If you haven’t tried compression socks, June 20th is the optimal day. The Cherokee Hosiery Celeste Stein Fashion Compression Socks are a treat for your feet, coming in a variety of color and print options. The latex-free nylon and polyester blend keeps your muscles warm and your blood flowing to your overworked extremities.

Organizable Accessories
Staying organized can turn a long, stressful day into a more relaxed one. That’s why we recommend a variety of Tafford’s hand-picked accessories from the best brands in the medical wear industry.

For instance, stop fumbling with your keys or badge while juggling paperwork or other items. Instead, try the easy-to-use Prestige Medical Retracteze ID Holder. It easily clips to your pocket, keeping your keys or ID within reach, only requiring a simple pull to extend them up to 23” away.

Another useful tool is the Prestige Medical Hip Clip Stethoscope Holder. Wearing your stethoscope around your neck day after day can create a kink or become abrasive. But with the hip clip, you simply hang your favorite stethoscope off of your belt or waistband.

And what would tools be without a tool kit? Organize everything you need for your longest days on the job with the Koi Nurse’s Bag. It has pockets for your personal iPhone and iPad as well as a padded pocket for a stethoscope, slots for pens, and a place for your water bottle!

With the longest day of the year on the horizon, equip yourself with Tafford items that’ll make every long day a little bit shorter!

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