5 New Tafford Prints I’m Loving For This Season

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Our latest collection of new arrivals is SO exciting! So many great print scrub tops to choose from and some definite favorites around the office! I tried to narrow it down to my top 5 favorite Tafford scrub tops for this season. Lots of great choices to freshen up your nursing uniform!

Monkey Scrub TopThis character scrub top is so adorable and fun and I love the color palette of the greys and pinks! It reminds me of a mixture of my Paul Frank & Sanrio obsession as a teenager. Great scrub top for animal lovers or pediatrics!

Floral Scrub TopI’m always a fan of floral scrub tops and floral patterns in general. This top is even prettier in person! It’s romantic and has an air of sophistication with the color palette of black, red and gray. Matches perfectly with black scrub pants and it also comes in a classic v-neck style.

Grey Blue Green Scrub TopThis one is so fun! I love the gray background with pops of cool blues and greens. It’s really a great print top that looks so modern with the geometric print and the color combinations.

Peace Sign ScrubsMy inner hippie rejoiced when I saw this scrub top. It’s bright and fun with the tie-dye background and placement of peace signs. These are probably my favorite peace sign scrubs to date.

Tie Dye ScrubsI must really be into the tie-dye scrubs this season because I love this one! I think it’s a perfect top for someone who wants the tie-dye look but with a more muted feel. The brown background makes this not as bright as the top with bright pinks and purples above but still maintains that fun, bright look!

It was hard to choose 5 favorites because there are so many that I love! Check out our new Tafford print scrubs and leave a comment letting me know which one is your favorite.

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