Scrub Prints with Spring Colors

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After a few months of snow, rain, and cold temperatures, you already can’t wait for the warmer seasons to arrive. You might even be on the lookout for the little pops of color poking through the snow or blossoming from shrubs and trees. It’s the reason why so many bright colors are associated with happiness and positivity.

Take advantage of that happy association by adopting the colors of the spring in your own wardrobe, both at home and work. Spread the springtime cheer!

The Pastel Prints of Spring

If you’re looking for soft, subtle color that soothes your mind and body during those long clinic days, look no further! The WonderWink Easy Fit Paradise Pond Y-Neck Mock Wrap Top has the appearance of a watercolor painting in faded green, blue, and white. The mock wrap style and polyester stretch fabric simply add to the elegance of this salute to springtime bliss.

For pastel colors that harness the transition between winter and spring, try the WonderWink Origins Flashmob V-Neck Scrub Top. The icy blue background with black and white flowers utilizes the softer winter colors while keeping the images of spring in mind. In addition to being gorgeous, the accessory pockets and bungee loops provide extreme utility.

The Bright Prints of Spring

For less subtlety, invest in bright spring prints like the Carhartt Cross-Flex Floral Field Scrub Top. The bubblegum pink floral print is just the beginning of what makes this top a stunning spring hit. It’s also built with moisture-wicking, stain-breaker technology. With this kind of durability, your top is guaranteed to last, down to the smallest pocket.

Another bright print, the Tafford Garden Picked 2 Pocket Scrub Top, will inspire you to dream of tropical gardens with lush green plants. The green-blue leaves and flowers are the perfect mix of nature and chic design that combine in this Tafford exclusive. At the same time, the v-neck style with 100% cotton material maintains the classic look and feel you already love.

More Springtime Scrub Delight

If you didn’t see a spring print that represented your personality, there are more options from all of the best brands that you know and love, including Barco, Carhartt, and Dickies! Find more seasonal spring scrubs available on the Tafford website!

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