Spotlight On Medical Volunteers

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Normally, we reserve Fridays for our ?Footnote? posts; however, this week we wanted to highlight some of the amazing medical volunteers Tafford has partnered with to help those who are suffering around the globe.

It has been over two weeks since a devastating earthquake struck the island nation of Haiti. Within days of this tragic event medical professionals from around the world sprang into action and made their way to Haiti.  Tafford is proud to support the American Nurses Association and their efforts in Haiti.  This week we packed up over 400 scrub tops and pants to be sent down to volunteers in the disaster zone.  In addition to the scrub domination we started a campaign that allows our customers to help as well.  From now through February 2ndwe will donate $1 for every heart scrub top or jacket purchased using promotional code TAFHEART2. The donations will benefit the American Nurses Foundation Haiti Relief Fund and will go toward disaster relief, including rebuilding the Haitian nursing infrastructure and assisting the National Association of Haitian Nurses, Association Nationale des Infirmieres Licenciees d?Haiti.

While the disaster in Haiti is receiving a lot of media attention there are places around the world that need help every day.  A group of volunteers led by Dr. Yell Inverso is planning a two week trip to Kenya to help locals with hearing and ear health care issues. Their goal is to emphasize the link between good hearing and quality of life and providing sustainable audiological services. As we did last year, Tafford will be donating scrubs for the group to wear during their trip.  To find out more about their trip follow their blog (if you see any solid scrub in the pictures – they’re Tafford Essentials)!

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