Spring Ahead in Style

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Daylight_SavingsEveryone’s favorite time of year is just around the corner. Time to Spring Forward! While Daylight Saving Time is supposed to help the world, it can actually really mess with it – particularly if you forget. Whether it’s setting your alarm to wake up, or administering timely patient medications, time is a part of your day as a nurse. So when that hop forward comes March 12th, it can really throw things off.

Why Change Time

Daylight Saving Time is meant to move an hour of daylight from the beginning of the day to the end during the summer season. The are theories that it’s more efficient and helps reduce energy usage. In the U.S., the time change comes at 2:00am, whenever that is in your time zone and a few states or territories don’t participate. Those that do “Spring Forward” into Daylight Saving Time on the second Sunday of March, and “Fall Back” to Standard Time the first Sunday in November.

Aligning Your Clocks

If your shifts are constantly changing, moving that extra hour of daylight might not mean much for you except clock confusion. Thankfully these days most smartphones automatically adjust the time for you, so if that’s your alarm you’ll have no trouble getting up on time. Of course the clock in the car will probably stay behind for a few days until you notice and bother to fidget with the buttons. However, you’ll likely change your watch first thing!

Consider a New Watch

It’s a great time of year to consider upgrading your watch with a pop of color and some nursing pride. We recommend the fun Jelly Band Watch from Think Medical. Available in black and pink or black and lime green, there are two styles to choose from. One style boasts the title, “Trauma Queen” on the face with a crown design on the band. The other loudly states that Nurses Rock on the band. Either way, these watches are not just fun but also functional. The face has a 12-hour clock as well as a 24-hour outer ring with 3-hand japanese movement, perfect for any situation. It’s water resistant and has a stainless steel back that’ll hold up through your longest days. It’s a fun way to add a little spark to your outfit and represent for your profession!

So whether you’ll be getting some much needed shut-eye or running around on a night shift, don’t forget to Spring Forward March 12th. To shop watches and other accessories that show your pride for what you do, visit Tafford.

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