Straight from our Customers

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We could tell you how great our scrubs are all day long, but we thought you might want to hear it straight from our customers. We want to share with you some of the wonderful reviews we have received recently on

Tafford Essentials Unisex Drawstring Scrub Pant: 4 stars

nap820_2Love the Product!!

“Love the quality of the fabric and the colorfastness. Was very glad you brought this line back. NO other line compares.”

–  Review by Millie, posted on 7/24/13


NAP820_3S_secondGreat Pants 

“Great fit and great quality. I plan to replace all my scrub pants with these.”

–  Review by Sharon, posted on 6/19/13


Tafford Inspire Me 2 Pocket Scrub Top: 5 stars

NPT69DINSPSo pretty

Great Tafford quality and such a pretty scrub top! Lots of compliments and a great way to show support.

–  Review by Ally, posted on 9/13/13

Tafford Lyrical 2 Pocket Scrub Top: 5 stars

NPT69FLYRCLove this top

I have had this top for several months and I love it. It is very comfortable and I receive compliments each time I wear it. I love the pockets…they are large enough to hold all of my things and deep enough that nothing falls out when kneeling down or bending over. I love the variety of colors that can be worn with it.

–  Review by jojo, posted on 10/10/13

Tafford Lyrical Fashion V-Neck Warm-Up Scrub Jacket: 5 stars

NPW36FLYRCGlad it’s cotton!

I’ve ordered 100% cotton from Tafford before & they’re great. I love the way they wear, and they feel sooo much better than the synthetic mix uniforms. Yes, it does have to be ironed, no skipping that step. I don’t mind since I iron 95% of the time anyway! It’s worth the cotton feel & warmth! Hint: any new cotton Item, DON’T PUT IN THE DRYER THE FIRST 2 OR 3 TIMES IT GETS WASHED!!! This prevents it from shrinking.

– Review by Laurie, posted on 9/13/13

Tafford Essentials Flat Front Cargo Pocket Scrub Skirt: 5 stars

nas230Love this skirt!!

This is by far my favorite scrub skirt. High quality material and looks great! Was disappointed it was discontinued, but I see now it’s back but only available in 3 colors. Please bring back more colors!!

–  Review by Melissa, posted on 10/16/13

newBest scrub skirt

This is by far my favorite scrub skirt!!! I own this skirt in several colors. The skirt is flattering and modest. I am 5’7″ and the skirt in a medium goes about 2″ below my knees and stays below my knees when sitting. I have purchased many other scrub skirts from various brands and this is the best by far!

–  Review by Amd7265, posted on 10/1/13


I have lots of these scrub skirts!!! They are very comfortable, durable and I get lots of compliments!!! Please bring them back in more colors!!!!

–  Review by skirtrn, posted on 9/24/13


NAS230_1Great Skirt… 

This is a GREAT skirt made of high quality material…I love that it has a flat front and allows your scrub top to lie nicely. I HIGHLY recommend this skirt…I have one in each color!!!

–  Review by apostolic68, posted on 8/29/13

Now that you’ve heard from our customers, it’s time for you to join our Tafford family. Try our Tafford Essentials or prints scrub tops and bottoms for yourself. If you are already a loyal Tafford customer, leave us a comment and let us know how you think we are doing. As you can tell, we love your feedback.

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