Tafford Makes Scrub Shopping a Synch!

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The Tafford website is designed with you in mind. We want to make it easy to navigate, find the scrubs and accessories you are searching for, and purchase them without a hitch. That’s why we have a variety of search options to make shopping simple and fun!

Shop by Brand

Using the drop down brands menu, you can take your time shopping brand by brand to find the one that meets your standards. Or, you can do a quick search of a brand you already know and love to expand your current wardrobe. Every brand on Tafford represents the height of scrub quality, comfort, and style but every one of them has a unique focus, as well as different fabric blends and prints.

Shop by Print

Do you love owls? Camo? Roses? If there’s a print you’ve been looking for but have never found, Tafford can help! You can find whimsical, bright designs or scrubs with classy pattern details. You should be able to show who you are while working!

Holidays can be extra special with prints specific to that season. Santa, snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, and presents are just a few prints available for the Christmas season. You can also shop for Halloween, Easter, Independence Day, and Valentine’s!

Shop by Color

Last but not least, you can shop the great brands and styles on Tafford by color! This option is especially useful for constructing an outfit of your favorite color, a seasonal sensation, or the color scheme your medical office has required as part of the dress code.

Now, when your office asks for aqua uniforms, you can search the blue and green color tones on Tafford to find the perfect style that speaks to you. However, don’t give up your personality for a job requirement! Instead, look and feel great wearing scrubs that you love.

More From Tafford

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know! Tafford constantly designs new, exclusive prints and colors to give our customers what they want most in their work wardrobe. Your opinion matters, and helping you feel confident and comfortable all day long is what Tafford does best!

Contact Tafford at 1.888.TAFFORD (823.3673).

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