Think Medical, Think Outside the Box

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Why settle for boring when you can think outside the box with our new Think Medical accessories! Think Medical makes high-quality medical accessories innovatively designed and creatively decorated. From funky compression socks to helpful stethoscope add-ons, maybe these accessories are just the boost your workday needs!

Outfit Your Stethoscope

Your stethoscope is probably always with you, so why not optimize it with a few handy add-on accessories? Moving from patient to patient, and room to room, don’t worry about where to find a clock when you’re taking a pulse. The Think Medical Snap Watch is specifically designed to conveniently pop onto your stethoscope for easy wear and access. Its face has a variety of rings: a 12-hour clock as well as a military clock, and even 15-second quadrants. It’s also available in four colors!

Not only could you deck out your stethoscope with a handy watch, but you can add an ID tag. That’s one less thing to wear! Tafford offers the Clear Straight Stethoscope ID Tag from Think Medical. It’s a two-sided plastic name tag that has a universal fit to any stethoscope. No more mixing up your scope with someone else’s when you accessorize with Think Medical gear.

Penlight Otoscope Combo

Shining a light may be a typical part of your day, and Think Medical has just the versatile, compact otoscope for the job. The Simple Otoscope is a multi-purpose tool and comes with 5 disposable specula. The otoscope head is removable, easily converting the device into a penlight. The speculum is autoclavable and stores easily in any pen pocket. The pre-focused high intensity bulb is sure to illuminate whatever you need.

Spunky Compression Socks

Okay, so maybe no one sees your feet while you’re on them all day at work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little fun with your socks. Think Medical makes compression socks which not only reduce muscle strain but also have a little flare and spunk. Maybe you want your socks to represent your wild side with the Zebra Pattern socks. Or animal prints aren’t your thing, but you can get behind the fight against cancer with the Ribbons and Stripes socks. Tafford also carries Think Medical’s Mens Compression Socks which come in three patterns fit for dudes.

When you Think Medical, think fun and function for your medical accessories. Check out all Think Medical accessories available from Tafford.


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