Who Wears Scrubs?

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We talk a lot about nurses around here and specifically nurses who work in hospitals, but life in scrubs is diverse and broad.  Today we are going to take a few minutes to celebrate all the different folks who wear scrubs.

Approximately 62% of nurses work in hospitals so that’s a lot of scrubs, but they aren’t the only hospital staff who work in scrubs.  Doctors, surgeons, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nursing assistants, as well as orderlies, medical admins such as unit secretaries, cafeteria workers, and janitorial staff often wear scrubs.

Then there are the 38% of nurses who work outside of hospitals…Places like medical offices, rehabilitation facilities, elder care facilities, schools, camps, and even in-home services have plenty of scrub wearing nurses. Plus their administrative staff, assistants, and janitorial staff who often wear scrubs too.

Don’t forget about the approximately 200,000 dental hygienists who scold us, errrr… care for our teeth.  (We kid!) Then there are those who care for the furry, scaly and feathery members of society.  Veterinarians and their technicians and office staff often wear scrubs too.

But what about you?  We want to celebrate you!  Share on our Facebook page and tell us where you work or what kind of work you do, Tweet us (@tafford), or Instagram (@tafford) a pic of you in your scrubs at work.  Unless you work for the government and you’d have to kill us.  We’ll just take your word for it then!

Who wears scrubs

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